The creation of master data of materials and finished products is carried out in a dynamic matrix, with the combination of: styles, materials, measures, colors, sizes, variants, seasons, events.PDM EN

After activation,  items follows the activities of insertion of all the information needed to locate it in the production chain:

Finished Products Master Data;

Color Cards by Season & Event;

Components Master Data, Cut Materials & accessories;

Seasonal Billing of Materials & Production Cycles;

Automatic Standard cost Calculation;

Technical Notes with Images;

Size Measurements Card;

Suppliers Items/Components descriptions;

Compositions & Washing labels;

Cites and Luxury additional informations

Product Visual Monitor;

Pdf Technical Datasheet report;

Images management for items/color (sale book,
catalogs, e-commerce, b2b, etc);

Version Management (Proto, Samples, Production..)

Import/Export data in csv format;

The workflow is simple and intuitive, thanks to the web interface and integrated work flow,  pdf and excel file are available to the operational controls and management.