"Samples management" allows to manage operations and data that are used to manufacture or buy samples items in a simple and effective way. For each model, without effort, maintains a default workflow, for buy or make products, where all departments are involved in a single reference procedure (style Dept., pattern makers, cad, raw materials inventory, finished products). 


System manages all the attributes of styles, materials, components, colors, fabrics or lining heights, etc., automatically generate purchase or production orders.


TBarcodes allows to update orders automatically and to receive the samples on warehouse and monitoring the progress of the collection forseason, line, vendor, product, etc. The work in progress is in real-time thanks to integrated business intelligence module, which allows you to always have the situation under control updated in macro and micro. What used to take a lot of effort in Excel is now available at the touch of a button in web.



Product data management workflow;

Maintaining a high quality standard;

Your data is always available;

Simple and immediate use;

More productivity thanks to clear communication;

Improved planning and control through your company;

Real time collection "work in progress";

Native integration with "Just fashion" Erp;

Reports in Pdf and Excel format.