The production is a process that involves all the business functions: customer service, product, warehouse raw materials and finished goods, logistics, in it we will find the following controls:  


Master of suppliers and supply conditions;

Lists suppliers, raw materials, finished products and processes;

Supplier Orders;

Production orders;

Reservation management of row materials to the laboratories

/ sub contractors;

Fulfillment supplier;

Production advances;

Raw materials and accessories Picking Lists;

EAN13 Barcode and serial numbers generation and printing;

Reservation management of customer orders to purchase  and

production orders;

Statistics reporting to supplier and production orders (Pdf, Excel);

Analysis of production requirements MPS, MRP.


By analyzing MPS and MRP, Just fashion check online deficiencies and surpluses of finished products and raw materials at all stages of production progress and allows to automatically generate suppliers orders.  The management of raw materials can be made by serial number, bath, delivery number or simply by article.