Software as a Service (SaaS) managed by the Cloud

Why "Just fashion" in the Cloud: 

Cloud_Yellow_01.pngThe Cloud solution delivers a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) as great as 55% compared to traditional, on-premises solutions. No upfront capital investment is required.

Gain rapid ROI with improved productivity knowing that your systems are in the best hands with our application hosting experts.

Data access and control: you retain ownership of all your data: customer, product, transaction, etc. Your data is 100% secure and will never be accessed or shared with anyone.

Always have the latest and greatest. When you choose our cloud services, you benefit from timely upgrades in hardware and software without having to budget for the capital expense. "Just fashion" applications will always be running optimally.  



Get Ahead in the Cloud:

"Just fashion" Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the flexibility to pay as you go, rather than buy licenses upfront. For more and more companies this is becoming highly attractive. No large upfront capital investment or complicated infrastructure, just a single monthly fee, and we manage the rest. Our Software as a Service solution, make it simple and quick for your headquarters to begin using the software.


3843 database server

For a low fixed montly price, our subscription services include:


Certified, secure infrastructure

Diversified backbone, multiple international circuit

100% redundant infrastructure

Ibm DB2 data backups

All software maintenance

99.9% system up-time

24/7 monitoring of the data center

24/7 access to all applications

Free software upgrades